The more people that know what signs to look for, the more tips that get made and ultimately more victims are saved. One way to be involved is to help increase awareness and training in your community. Submit the following form to request a presentation.

Another way to get involved is to volunteer. There are many ways to support survivors and fight against human trafficking. Here are some examples.

Handwritten Notes/Cards
Write notes/letters/cards with an encouraging message to the Victims/Survivors. Survivors are often traumatized and discouraged. They need to know someone cares about them. The notes will be delivered by Homeland Security or various agencies to victims. Do not address envelope and leave unsealed.
Gift Cards
Purchase $25 gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, or Target to be used by our advocate agencies to purchase clothes and necessities for victims.
Bus Passes
Survivors need transportation to and from medical and counseling appointments and support groups.
Survivor Bags
Survivors with Unbound need backpacks, underwear, sports bras, t-shirts, sweatpants/yoga pants, small soft throw blankets, journals & adult coloring books. Salvation Army also needs puzzles, board games, DVDs, journals, stationary sets, devotionals, scarves, gloves, bed in a bag, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, tissues, toilet paper, feminine hygiene travel size soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, towels, wash cloths, greeting cards, pens, and markers. Freedom Shield Foundation also needs welcome baskets and Go Bags for recovered survivors.
Victim Advocate
Train with The Net to walk alongside a Survivor as they live life and recover from the trauma suffered at the hands of the traffickers or train with Alive at Last to mentor a survivor, helping them heal from trauma and find purpose. Another opportunity is to join Unbound and receive specialized training to assist with specific advocacy opportunities, like transporting survivors to appointments or providing support when a victim has been identified.
Victim Friend
Attend special events (typically during the day on Saturday) with The Net as they provide opportunities for the Survivors to mingle and meet women in our community that care about them. Be part of a small group of survivors by volunteering with Alive at Last.
Become an Unbound trainer and spread trafficking awareness in their Youth Prevention, Professional Training, or Community Outreach programs.
Assist Unbound with administrative opportunities, like filing, maintaining spreadsheets, and bulk mailings.
Provide meal and or dessert to a support group meeting for survivors at The Net. Freedom Shield Foundation also needs meals provided at their safe house.
This is an opportunity for men to help The Net by providing protection for Survivors as they attend weekly support group meetings. Both women and men are welcome to join the Security Monitoring Team of Freedom Shield Foundation.
Cyber-Patrol (Men)
Partner with The Net’s MASE (Men Against Sexual Exploitation) program as they patrol the internet and disrupt the purchase of children.
Join Freedom Shield Foundation as they transport victims to and from their safe house and for necessary appointments or court appearances.
Event Planning and Coordination
Assist a group with an upcoming event to raise awareness or funds to fight against trafficking.
Donate much needed funds to one of our worthy partner organizations.
Strip Club Ministry
Partner with Valiant Hearts in their ministry to women working in strip clubs as they bless them with bags containing various gifts and info on how to get help. They also need assistance stuffing the bags.
Vote for candidates that will be tough on trafficking and provide needed resources for victims. Research State and local candidates and know their record on the issues.
Contact Your Representatives
Be sure your representatives in all levels of government understand that you want the issue of trafficking to be dealt with in an effective manner including penalties against traffickers and Johns and restitution and support for the victims. This takes law enforcement resources to work the cases, a criminal system willing to prosecute the perpetrators and a John School to educate the individuals creating demand for trafficking victims.
Be a Voice in the Community
Educate yourself about trafficking in Tarrant County and then tell your friends, coworkers, church members and anyone who will listen what is happening to children in our community. There are still people who don’t know this is happening here in Fort Worth.
Join the Freedom Shield Foundation’s prayer team as they pray for both survivors as well as those fighting against trafficking.

**For contact information about any of the mentioned agencies, or for more information, email Felicia.Grantham@FortWorthTexas.gov.