The 5 Stones Foundation exists to support anti-trafficking efforts in Tarrant County by providing financial grants which facilitate an increased capacity for trafficking suppression efforts and victim restoration.  Here are a few examples of our funded projects:

Grantee:  Fort Worth Police Department Human Trafficking Unit

Summary:  Funds were provided to purchase undercover operational equipment that allows law enforcement to conduct operations that either target sex buyers or seek to identify and recover trafficking victims.  The purchased equipment helps protect officers serving in an undercover role as well as providing additional evidence to be used in the prosecution of cases. 

Grantee:  Unbound North Texas

Summary:  Funds were provided to support the operations of the Underground – a 24/7 drop-in facility for at-risk and exploited youth.  Evidence-based research has found that until a client’s basic human needs are met, they are incapable of focusing on more complex needs.  This facility meets those basic needs as well as provide enrichment opportunities to include art classes, dance, GED attainment, financial management, cooking classes, etc.

Grantee:  The Net

Summary:  Funds were provided to hire a survivor leader instructor and enrichment coordinator that will lead GED classes, financial literacy, and support groups for trafficking survivors.  Having survivor-led activities is a best-practice that allows for the participants to better connect with the instructor and provides for better insight into the trauma the participants are needing to heal from.  Funds will also cover incentives that seek to engage survivors in the educational and enrichment programs.


Grantee:  Freedom Shield Foundation

Summary:  Funds were provided to support the Safe House Program that houses sex trafficking survivors and provides individual advocacy and case management.  This program provides a needed immediate option for law enforcement after they recover a victim and need safe housing as well as restorative care. 

Neil Randel