The 5 Stones Foundation is a 501c3 that exists to support anti-trafficking and victim advocacy efforts in Tarrant County, while encouraging collaboration. This foundation provides direct financial support to organizations that are members of the 5 Stones Taskforce and which provide victim support, advocacy, and disruption activities with the goal of ending sex trafficking in Tarrant County.

“5 Stones is focused on the long-term effect of victims, by being intentional with connecting them with resources in the community.” –Cheryl’s Voice

“Collaboration makes each agency, institution, precinct, and congregation more powerful. That’s what 5 Stones does for Tarrant County’s unique fight against human trafficking. Unbound is proud to serve as a member!” –Unbound North Texas

“5 Stones has been invaluable in uniting the efforts locally between law enforcement and anti-trafficking organizations in order to provide a more seamless process of serving survivors. I believe more individuals have been successfully served because of this unity!” –Freedom Shield Foundation

“Participating in the 5 Stones taskforce has provided numerous ways to heal from my own emotional wounds and to engage and partner with local agencies in our continued efforts to eliminate trafficking in our community.” –Mother of survivor/Founder of STEAM